Car Polishing Sponge Pads Kit

Car Polishing Sponge Pads Kit


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Car Polishing Sponge Pads Kit
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Type A–39 Pcs/set
Feature :
1.Reusable: Premium wool pad, sponge pad, curved, washable and reusable
2.Top quality: Made of high quality materials, can be used repeatedly. Different colored sponges have different softness, you can choose as you need, suitable for polishing rough and small areas
3.It is suitable for waxing, polishing and sealing glaze of various coating waxes, cleaning and improving its brightness; it can also be used for fine polishing of car trolleys.
4.M10 drill adapter
made of aluminum alloy material
used to connect the polisher and velcro sucker
5.Velcro sucker
High quality ABS,durable more sticky and firm elasticity magic velcro.
Note:rotating speed should be limited below 8500RPM
6.Magic velcro
Designed with barbs,makes it stickier and firmer
The back of the sponge is designed to be sturty and durable.
Specification :
Material: sponge
Quantity:39 pcs/set
Packing list:
30pcs Sponge Polishing Pads(5-5″ & 25-3″),
3pcs Drill Adapter(1-5″ & 2-3″),
3pcs Suction Cup(1-5″ & 2-3″),
3pcs Woolen Buffer(1-5″ & 2-3″)

Type B–30 Pcs/set
Material: sponge + wool
Quantity: 30pcs
Diameter: 30 mm/1 inch, 50 mm/2 inch, 76 mm/3 inch
Thread: M14
Manual measurement, please allow a little error.
Application: polishing, waxing, grinding
Highlight description:
-Air or electric polishing machine can be used.
-Suitable for polishing, waxing and grinding.
-With M14 threaded back pad and adapter.
Packing list:
15x polishing pad
3x wool polishing pads
3x blue polishing pads
3x white polishing pads
3x sticky disks
3x M14 adapter rod


Type C–25 Pcs/set

Material: Foam and Woolen
Thickness: About 32 mm/1.26 inches
Diameter: About 82mm/3.15 inches
Material: Sponge/ Woolen
Pack List:
2 x Blue Wavy Polishing pad
2 x Yellow Wavy Polishing pad
2 x Orange Wavy Polishing pad
2 x Black Wavy Polishing pad
2 x Black Round Polishing pad
2 x White Round Polishing pad
2 x Yellow Round Polishing pad
2 x Orange Round Polishing pad
3 x Wool buffer pad
3 x Threaded drill adapter
3 x Screw for adapter


Type D–9 Pcs/set

Product features:
Name: 9pcs car polishing pad
Size: 5 inches
Material: sponge / wool
For black pads: The ideal choice is to eliminate moderate vortices, holograms, water spots and stains in the color.
Orange pad: usually used to remove severe scratches and paint defects. Ideal for leveling transparent coatings and preparing for glazing.
For blue mat: soft and suitable for surface treatment, make your paint full of luster, and prepare a transparent coating for wax or glaze.
For green mats: ideal for glazing paint.
For the white cushion: the roughest, it can remove stubborn scratches, swirls and violent oxidation.
For yellow pads: soft and very suitable for waxing or glazing.
Package List:
9Pcs 5-inch polishing wax waxing sponge pad sets

Type E–6 Pcs/set
Material: Wool
Size: 6 inches 
Quantity: 6pcs
Contains: 4 wool pads, 1 sticky disk, 1 pole
Sticky disk, rod specifications: M14
Application: Can be used for any object that needs polishing / beauty / maintenance, such as cars, trucks, glass, stones, ceramics, etc.
Selling point: soft wool pad,which can be replaced freely and can effectively remove stains
Packaging Include:
6Pcs a set

Type F–35 Pcs/set
1.Newly designed polishing pad: wool fiber polishing pad, made of wool and fiber, with high efficiency and long service life, suitable for medium polishing.
2.Superfine fiber quick finishing pad, very suitable for dewaxing, easy to use and replace.
3.Practical polishing kit: different colors of sponges have different softness to meet your different polishing needs, suitable for rough and small area polishing, and can be used for pneumatic or electric polishing machines.
4.Efficient cutting and polishing, suitable for difficult-to-oxidize coatings and scratches on automobiles.
5.Easy to use: suitable for waxing and polishing of various coatings, helping to clean and improve the brightness of the car surface. These foam polishing pads are also effective for car detail polishing.
6.The polishing pad can be bent, cleaned, and reused. Please make sure that the sponge polishing pad is clean, flat and free of particles before use. In addition, the polishing pad should be cleaned immediately after use and air-dried in cool conditions.
Material: sponge + wool + microfiber
Color: as shown
Size: 3 inches (Due to manual measurement, there will be an error of 1-3 cm.)
Parts List:
26 x Sponge polishing pads 
1 x Wool fiber polishing pad 
2 x Superfine fiber quick finishing pads 
2 x Wool polishing pads 
2 x Drill bit adapters 
2 x Sticky plates