NEATSVOR X600 4000pa Laser Navigation Robot Vacuum Cleaner ,APP Virtual Wall,Breakpoint Cleaning

NEATSVOR X600 4000pa Laser Navigation Robot Vacuum Cleaner ,APP Virtual Wall,Breakpoint Cleaning

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NEATSVOR X600 4000pa Laser Navigation Robot Vacuum Cleaner ,APP Virtual Wall,Breakpoint Cleaning
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Using the latest laser navigation technology, the robot vacuum cleaner creates an interactive map of the environment that can effectively plan cleaning-you just need to press a button to start.

Automatically detect the location of the cleaned location and the location of the obstacle. Therefore, there is no double cleaning and no collision with objects in the way. Advanced navigation technology guarantees twice the efficiency and twice the cleaning speed.

You can also use your mobile phone to draw virtual boundaries on the map to distinguish cleaning areas or omit areas-the cleaning robot will clean where needed.

Ultra-high suction power of 4000PA! This high suction power is not achievable by all existing brands and single vacuum cleaner robots of medium and high prices. Compared with expensive vacuum cleaner robots, X600 can absorb 70% of dust and 30% of coarse dust better.

The 600ml smart mop system has 3 water levels to remove stubborn stains.

Compatible with free APP+ALEXA: You can control the robot through a free smart phone APP or through ALEXA or Google Home voice commands to observe the cleaning work in real time.

X600 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

New Upgraded LDS Laser Navigation

LDS Laser Navigation/SLAM Algorithm/Hand Draw Cleaning Area/2D Map Navigation/Breakpoint Resume/Hand Draw Virtual Blocker/350ML intelligent water tank/Automatic pressurized wet mopping/Map Storage /Remote Upgrade/Alexa/Google Home Connect/Real-time Positioning/planning cleaning/Schedule Cleaning /Brushless Motor

360° global cruise and scanning,Real-time mapping and measuring with advanced SLAM algorithm

With complete new LDS laser scanning system, faster rotate speed and better precision, Generate maps to position accurately with high coverage of the whole house to clean

4.0 Lidar navigation

A new generation of radar laser navigation, faster speed, higher accuracy, and high coverage of the whole house

AI path planning algorithm, adopt to changing circumstances with high IQ

Combination of four high-performance chips, coordinated with multiple AI algorithm to real-time process operation, reasonably plan cleaning paths, complete automatic cleaning, recharging and trap removing which is much easier and saving time.

Precise positioning and mapping

Real-time mapping and measuring with advanced SLAM algorithm,Generate maps to position accurately,Intelligent route planning cleaning,reduce duplication and improve cleaning efficiency

Customize the cleaning area,clean anywhere you want

Real-time display of home map on APP, can independently define cleaning areas no matter the bedroom or a small space just by defining an area to be focused on

Set virtual walls/restricted areas on APP

Set no-cleaning areas, for example, toy areas, carpets, etc., immediately shield no-cleaning areas without need to purchasing more virtual wall

Breakpoint resume

Before completing cleaning, if the battery is low, it will automatically go to recharge and after the battery is full, it will come back to the original position and continue to clean until it finishes the resting works.

Japan-Imported brushless motor

New Generation Brushless Motor with high rotation speed ,strong suction power and low noise

With 4000PA hurricane suction, conduct deep cleaning

Three levels of suction,large or small particles, easy to deal with

Four Steps to Dust Removal

Lengthen the bilateral brush, the single cleaning area is wider/Double effect floating rolling brush/Clean discharge with three filters/Air duct optimization

350ML constant voltage control water tank,3 block water volume adjustment

Basic wet mopping/Normal wet mopping/Deep wet mopping

Get out of Obstacle/Anti-Fall/Anti-collision/Auto-recharge/LDS pressure sensoring

OTA Online Upgrade /Voice Service


We provide 3-year warranty service. Some countries enjoy 15 days no reason return. If your machine has a problem, first provide a video to my technical team. We will give a solution based on the actual situation .we will return robot to the repair shop or replace the related accessories

Delivery & Repair Service

Fast and Convenient Logistics from Overseas Warehouse we have overseas warehouses in Russia,Spain,France,Poland,Czech Republic,Ukraine,the United States,Australia,Brazil,Enjoy the fastest and most convenient local logistics service,Customers donnot need to pay any taxes from them

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